It's Your Call

On Sunday 29 April, myself and seven other students were lucky enough to umpire the Auskick kids at the MCG. With nerves and excitement all wound up in to one, umpiring in front of 70,000 fans was a daunting, but a very much enjoyable experience.

Over the past three weeks we have learnt about umpiring in the It’s Your Call elective which is part of the BYTES program in Year 9. The elective has been fun and we have definitely learnt a lot on the nature of umpiring and how it is a very stressful but rewarding role. Not only have we learnt life skills such as how to present ourselves with qualities such as confidence, respect and integrity but also umpiring skills such as the much acclaimed bounce and so much more.

Thank you to Mr Foot and Mr De Salvo for teaching the subject as well as the parents plus Mr Machin and Mr Cukierman who came along on the day.

Will McCartney
Year 9 Student

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