Year 11 Music Night

On November 1, all the Unit 2 Music students, joined by some of their colleagues from Year 10 Music, came together to perform one of their pieces from their Performance Exam repertoire. These varied from classical recorder pieces, to vocal pieces from musicals, to movie themes on the piano, and many, many more. The common themes throughout the evening, were these incredible musicians’ time spent and dedication to the Music program, their skills across their instruments and their exploration of their respective expressive skills. Everyone played their pieces with heartfelt passion and with impressive accuracy. It was definitely a night to remember.

The level of difficulty of each piece from each student was incredibly high, which showcased the sheer talent every single student has within them. As each piece came to an end, you could see the relief on the performer’s face, and their surprise that they had managed to ace the pieces they had been preparing for the last six months.

I am incredibly proud to be amongst these outstanding musicians, and this night was great preparation for the VCAA examinations ahead of us in Units 3 and 4 Music. 

This was certainly one of my favourite nights of the year and I can’t wait to see next year’s!

Eriks Stepanuks, Year 11

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