Year 12 Camp

On Monday 4 February, we set off towards Phillip Island for our last camp of secondary school. Once we arrived we headed to the auditorium for an introduction to the camp, and received our t-shirts, most of which fit perfectly. After rooms were allocated, we shared a quick and delicious lunch before hearing an inspiring and educational speech by Mark Smith, author of the The Road to Winter, who was kind enough to supply us with a range of skills to use in our English classes.

After some free time, it was off to another seminar to discuss study skills, followed by a time management session and an array of “entertaining” acts in the talent show, which were judged by a panel of teachers who were wowed at some performances, and mildly amused at others. Either way, the students seemed to approve.

Day two dawned to the sounds of tired but excited Year 12s. A day of activities ranged from giant swings, to raft building, to saving a headless mannequin called Jae. The day ended with an inspirational and legendary, albeit loud, speech from MC Hudd, who encouraged us to play hard and work harder.

Wednesday was a late start, and after breakfast those running for Leadership positions presented their compelling speeches before bidding farewell to the Island. Arriving back at school was a sad reality after a great camp, with the realisation that we have only 140(ish) school days to go as McKinnon students before our final classes together.

Moira Rodriquez
Year 12 Student