Enhancement @ McKinnon

At McKinnon the programme of “Enhancement” is an extracurricular opportunity that aims to improve students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The design of activities is aimed to teach problem solving strategies, strategic thinking as well as helping to improve students’ conceptual and procedural abilities.

The program evolves as students’ progress through each year level by covering core skills at and above their level. They complete explorations and investigations of mathematical phenomena. As students enter their senior phase (Year 10) they begin to apply their cross-curricular knowledge, work on real world problems, research / modelling methods and opportunities to utilise their programming skills for solving math problems. Examples of Enhancement support days include:

BIARRI: Commercial Mathematics Seminar
(Year 9 & 10 ELMS)

Linear Optimisation and Probability modelling techniques and programming in Python.


CSIRO – Data61 Activity Day
(Year 9 & 10)

Data Science and managing large pieces of data for analysis and communication through specialised visualisations.


The Enhancement program aims to help students realise the value of Mathematics in their lives and how they can use their knowledge to contribute to the community and positively impact on social change.

I think Enhancement is a huge benefit in our students’ learning and my own and helps improve one’s logical thinking, problem solving and advanced working. It will help me learn and explore new techniques outside of the classroom.

Minja Zlatic (Year 9)

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