Romeo and Juliet

The Year 10s have recently started our study of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, the famous story of star-crossed lovers and feuding families. In order to motivate us and give us more context, our lovely English teachers organised for a live abridged version of the play to be performed in the Lecture Theatre on Friday 15 March. We had just started analysing the play in class and it was probably safe to say that while we knew that Romeo and Juliet end up dying, most of us didn’t understand the storyline.

Being able to relax in the last two periods on a Friday was nice to say the least, with the majority of the classes in the Lecture Theatre and three watching from the MERC via livestream. The three cast members were all really talented and even held a little Q&A session at the end for us to unload all our random queries upon them (where they had purchased the rapiers and understanding of Shakespeare’s language was of particular interest). I think the whole cohort can agree that the Nurse was probably our favourite character! Thank you to all the wonderful English teachers that made this play possible!

Catherine Chang
Year 10

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