Year 7 Food Technology

The Year 7 students undertake the elective of Food Technology during either Semester 1 or 2. They do look at the nutritional value, the sensory properties and influences on their food choices during their theory sessions. However, it is fair to say that they most look forward to their practical sessions.

Below are some reflections of our students about their experience in the kitchen.

Apple Crumble - Rose
In Year 7 Food Tech, we don’t just learn how to cook. We learn how to be safe in the kitchen, how to read a recipe, how to get all our materials and stay organised. Food Tech helps you stay focused. You know you need to get everything done in the amount of time given. This term we have made apple crumble, chicken laksa, sausage rolls and much more! The apple crumble in particular was my favourite. We learned to chop, boil and peel the apple. As well as melting butter and mixing some other ingredients to make the crumble. It all came together to be a delicious dessert. I have enjoyed cooking all the dishes in Food Tech - it has been wonderful!

Sausage Rolls - Lizzie
One of my favourite things we have made in food tech so far was sausage rolls. Making sausage rolls was something I enjoyed because it expanded my knowledge of which knife and board to use for different food items. Sausage rolls is a useful recipe to know because I can make them at home and take to school for lunch. It was fun because we got to get our hands dirty by mixing with our hands instead of spoons! My friends are always begging for more!

Chicken and Corn Quesadillas - Evelyn
Food Tech is so much more than I expected! We have made numerous delicious recipes and I have loved making them all. Personally my favourite recipe was making Chicken and Corn Quesadillas. It was so much fun and I gained more experience on how to dice/finely cut vegetables like onion, tomato and capsicum. It was such an enjoyable and easy recipe that I was willing to try it at home as well.

We will again publish some further reflections during Semester Two.

Susan Wilken
Manager of the Health Learning Area and one of the Year 7 Food Teachers

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