Graffiti Busters

On the Monday 27 May, students in Ms Kuriata’s BYTES Graffiti Busters class were lucky enough to go on a tour around the city to observe pieces of graffiti and street art to discover more about the art genres, and to get inspiration for their final graffiti artwork they will design in future classes.

Following a professional studio artist, the class was able to visit Hosier Lane, AC/DC Lane, Elizabeth Street, more art around the city and even a piece of street art that was commissioned for our guide Matt to paint!

Graffiti or street art is a form of art used by many to express political views, internet trends, to gain fame and speak in a different language about what is happening in the world around us. Each piece of art harnesses a different meaning as they’re sprayed on walls for all to see. Some well-known street artists are Banksy, Justin Bettman, or Henry Chalfant. These artists are some that have helped convey stories in their art to the public and give the city a grungy, artistic aesthetic.

While looking at the street art, I found that most of them were of mainstream issues, mottos, quotes and political slogans that have been said and seen quite frequently in the news and social media. Street and graffiti art is a way to make life blossom even further, creating a new and great narrative for the streets of Melbourne and around the world to wear like a coat. It was a great tour and we really enjoyed it.

Mia Richards
Year 9 Student

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