Die Kochklasse - Year 9 German Cooking Class

As part of our Year 9 German course, our students conducted a cooking class to finish off their semester. Food is a significant part of any culture but German people are particularly proud of their cuisine and their cooking tradition.

In order to prepare for this activity students had to interpret and translate a German recipe for themselves. They learnt the key terms associated with German cooking whilst revising their vocabulary regularly. 

The dish that the students would prepare was Omas Frikadellen mit Kartoffelsalat (Grandma’s Rissoles with Potato Salad). The recipe was created by Petra Kamener (Mr Kamener’s Mum), a dish that she had learnt from her mother in Hamburg, Germany. 

Delivered entirely in German, the students received a demonstration from Petra Kamener before they had to cook the meal for themselves, with only their German recipes to go by.

While there were some challenging technical elements, students created delicious meals, which they devoured in the last part of the session.

The recipe can be accessed via this link in case anyone is daring enough to have a go!

Looking forward to running this for our current Year 8s next year!

Herr Kamener
Teacher of Year 9 German

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