Secondary School Squash State Championships

Three McKinnon Senior Boys teams and one Girls team were entered into the 2019 Secondary School Squash State Championships.  With many of us enthusiastic about taking part, keen to compete against some fierce competition we set off on Thursday 25 July to MSAC. 

Despite our limited experience, the Senior Girls team comprising Laura Fischer, Amy Wooller and Alexandra Enever placed third in the State. The Senior Boys team although very competitive did not make the Finals but improved at every game. The teams consisted of Tom Alvares, Zayd Erasmus, Conor Flood, Ed Hourigan, Alex Kraus, James Liao, Josh Osadchiy, Grant Sandler, Matt Stoupas, Jiakai Thing and Lucas Thompson

Thanks to Mrs Hooper for giving us this opportunity.  

Laura Fischer & Amy Wooller

Year 12 Students