Year 12 Biology Incursion

During their classes, the Year 12 Biology students have been learning about genetic engineering and the technologies that scientists use. Last week all 115 Year 12 Biology students completed a bacterial transformation using the genetic techniques that they have been learning about.  Through the incursion they were able to isolate a fluorescent green gene from a jellyfish and put it in a bacteria in a process called transformation.  The students had to wait at least 24 hours while the bacteria was incubated to see if they were successful.  We had a great rate of success with most students finding they were able to get their bacteria to glow green.

I would like to thank all the helpers that came along to assist our Year 12s such as past Biology students: Myles Kelemen, Jean-Luc Karavendzas and Will Hardy. We also heartfully thank phD students Anthony Xuan, Athanasios Koulis and Izabela Todorovski from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre who gave up their time to help our students.

Emily Nicholls
Science Teacher

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