Year 8 ELMS Measurement Activities

Year 8 ELMS Mathematics students explored the topic of measurement. Students delved into the fascinating world of volume and surface area of three dimensional shapes. 

Members of the ELMS student body were challenged to determine how to make two different cylinders, using the same sheet of paper, and then asked to decide if those cylinders would have the same volume or if they would be different. Most of the class believed the cylinders would have the same volume. 

As everyone knows, the only way to test a theory is with popcorn. So, out came the popcorn kernels to work out which cylinder could hold more (and thus have a greater volume), and the answer is not what you think! 

We also calculated the surface area of three dimensional Angry Bird figures and discovered the importance of accuracy in taking measurements. 

“I really enjoyed the activities we did as they were fun and interactive but still educational. The results from the popcorn activity were very surprising as the two cylinders made from the same size paper didn’t have the same volume. It was also very fun working in groups and performing the experiment.”
Yael Greenberg 

“Today’s lesson was a fun hands-on activity that let us apply our knowledge into a practical task. The ideas were fun and it involved a lot of problem solving that was a fun challenge.” 
Julien Le Quiniat

Ms Lauren Mauger
Year 8 ELMS Teacher

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