RMIT Drone Incursion

Mr Munro’s Year 9 coding class had a visit from two RMIT students recently, who were presenting activities using drones.

One half of the group were constructing drones using lego, with propellers powered by a small motor. Students were following instructions but were able to design either quad or hex copters. One group, led by Jonah Rudzki were particularly successful, achieving a clean take-off and controlling the flight using the bluetooth joystick.

The other half of the class were writing code using Python, a programming language they will study more of in Term 4, to control the Tello Drone. This is a fully functioning drone which the students were able to fly around the classroom using a range of commands to make the drone take off, turn, hover and land.

Both activities were a great insight for the students in both building and flying drones.

The Computing Department are looking into purchasing their own drone for students to program, using either Scratch or Python.

Mr Munro
ICT Teacher

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