Year 7 Badminton SMR

On Wednesday 21 August, the Year 7 Badminton teams headed to the Southern Metro Regional Finals at Springers Leisure Centre after their triumph at district level. The girls and boys teams practiced every Monday after school at the badminton club, until the day of the competition.

On the day, both the teams smashed through their rounds, winning every single set and hence qualifying for the Finals. Coincidently, both teams were up against the same school, Narre Warren South Secondary College in the final round.

The girls team after a tough battle drew to an overall score of 3-3, but unfortunately lost due to lack of points. Hence, the team consisting of Anika Karra, Kripa Shrestha, Treya Venkatesh, Cheshta Phulara and Bernice Koh secured second position in the SMR Finals.

As for the boys, they effortlessly scored 4-2 overall and were deemed winners of the finals and were crowned with the blue flag. The boys team consisting of Kevin Dai, Arvin Jiao, Raghav Sunthil Kumar, Michal Foroncewicz and Jason Ye will be proceeding to the State Finals very soon. 

Also, hearty thanks to Mr Hislop for coaching the teams and giving up his time. 

Khushi Negi
Year 10 Student