Year 7 Maths Probability Project

Our Year 7 students have been very busy completing a Probability project. Many pairs of students created colourful and well-engineered objects to spin or roll.

Below are some photos together with a few of their reports and reflections of the project.

Mrs Kerryn Gill
Year 7 Maths 

In the probability project, we were given the chance to create a dice or spinner with a partner to investigate the meaning of probability, and its importance in math and everyday life. We calculated the theoretical probability of the outcomes and had two experiments (one with 10 trials the other with 100 trials) to calculate the experimental probability. We then graphed the information and compared each of them to see which data was closest to the theoretical probability. Overall, the project was a great success and was very helpful in understanding what probability is and how we can use it. 

Kirra Irving
Year 7

During the last few weeks the whole of Year 7 have participated in a probability learning task. Throughout this task the Year 7s have had to design and create a dice or spinner, then get data from 10 spins and 100 spins. The objective of the task was to compare the theoretical probability, to the experimental outcomes. Most people thought that the experimental outcomes would be very close to the Theoretical probabilities. But you would be surprised. For my class, there was rarely a time that the theoretical and experimental probabilities were the same, but for some they were close. Did we create unfair spinners/dice? This was something we were asked to consider and reflect on.

Kieran Wall
Year 7

My class spinner/dice project was a very interesting one. It was still a math project but it gave us the opportunity to use our creativity and imagination. For example, my partner and I chose to make a flower spinner, which challenged my drawing skills but was still a lot of fun. I also saw many different students’ work with themes ranging from a money spinner to a meme dice.

Rotem Naaman
Year 7

The Maths project we did was about probability and chance. The goal was to make a spinner and record how many times you spin each outcome. For me the best and most fun part was collecting the data and making the spinner. One of the harder objectives was to create a graph with your data and that was fun as well.

Kane Vaughan
Year 7

Recently in our Maths class we made a spinner because we were learning about chance and probability. We had to choose a topic with at least six outcomes and make a spinner or dice out of paper. We had to fill out a worksheet with the results of a 10 spin trial and a 100 spin trial. After we did that we made two graphs using those statistics. The best part was hanging out with a friend and finishing earlier than everyone else. :)

Rowen Hull and Tali Rudzki
Year 7

Who says Maths can’t be fun?

Most classes of Year 7 have just completed the probability topic for Maths. As part of this topic we were asked to put our books away and get creative. We had to choose partners and make a spinner or a dice. My partner and I made a spinner. We made it from paper plates, paper clips and tape. The spinner had uneven sections of colour that made it very tricky to find out the percentages for the theoretical probability. After completing our construction we had to spin the spinner for the next part of the experiment to find out the experimental probability. I enjoyed the challenge of this project.

Anthony Kostelac
Year 7

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