VCE Legal Studies Incursion

VCE Legal Studies students had the opportunity to hear Magistrate Ayres talk at an incursion at McKinnon Secondary College on Friday 6 September. Please find below some comments from the students on this incursion.

I found the Magistrate Ayres’ talk very interesting. I learnt about the ability of certain courts to resolve a case that has come before them and the various cases that he has to resolve. I was thoroughly engaged with what Magistrate Ayres was explaining to us and I would love to do it all over again! - Tia Shizas

I found the talk vastly intriguing, as Mr Ayres provided a thorough insight into the legal profession as a Magistrate. - Zayd Erasmus

I found the talk very interesting and it really gave an insight into the legal world and potential jobs in the future. - Edden Zohar

Magistrate Ayers’ talk was very inspiring and interesting. He spoke about the happenings of the Magistrates' Court and shared fascinating stories of how the law applies in different situations. His talk was engaging and helpful as it linked so closely with our content. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. - Phoebe Lock

Definitely a worthwhile experience, I found him to be insightful and relevant to our areas of study. He was able to talk to us in a manner that was easily understandable and effective while still making the talk engaging. I would definitely recommend the talk with the Magistrate be implemented in further years. - Ben Sams

Magistrate Ayres is the best Magistrate/Supercoacher I have ever met. His speech was very insightful and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it gave me a good idea of what the legal world is like out there. - Liam Taffe

Magistrate Ayres’ talk provided an interesting dive into the various facets of the Magistrates' Court and was a worthwhile way to spend Friday morning. He was thorough in his explanations and made everything about today's legal world very clear. - Catherine Chang

Magistrate Ayres was very interesting as he discussed his daily proceedings in the Court and the sorts of cases he deals with on a day to day basis. He also gave us a deeper insight into the judicial system. - Rachid Alayash

The talk with Magistrate Ayres was extremely interesting and enjoyable. It was great to learn more about the Magistrates’ Court and the role it plays within the Victorian legal system. - Megan Prapas

I enjoyed the talk Magistrate Ayres gave us, as it showed me a more down-to-earth side of the legal system, which I hadn’t been expecting. - Angus Wood

Magistrate Ayres shared useful insight in regards to the work he does and was also a bit of a character (a super coach enthusiast). - Mia Borowitz

I really enjoyed the talk with Magistrate Ayres, he was very engaging and interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge from it. - Ella Collison

He gave a very informative, interesting talk that gave us a good insight into the daily running of the Victoria/Australian legal system. Plus Top 10 in Supercoach is pretty nice. - Jack Middleton

Sophie D’Ambrosio
Legal Studies Teacher