Year 8 Medieval Day

On Tuesday 8 October 190 Year 8 History students went back in time to the Medieval era. Medieval Day involves Year 8 History students dressing up in costumes and competing in various Medieval activities. The costumes were especially amazing! Luke Zhai from 8C made a costume out of cardboard which was a replica of a medieval warrior which was the best hand-made costume I think I have ever seen.

The day was an outstanding success and I would like to thank all the students from Year 8 who were involved (8A, 8C, 8E, 8G, 8I, 8K and 8M). Students participated wonderfully in all activities, ranging from the Medieval Skits, Shields, Trivia, News Reports and Table Decorations. There was a wonderful spirit around throughout the day and I have to thank the students for their willingness to get involved.

Days like Medieval Day cannot occur without the spirit and willingness of teachers to get involved as well. I would like to thank the Year 8 History team (Matt Shaw, Stephen Gurry, Jenny Jones and Chelsea Han) plus all of the teachers who assisted on the day. A special mention goes to Rosie Patterson for helping us organize things and Cameron Chan making his Medieval debut as a judge. This semester we debuted two Year 11s as student judges so thank you to Coco Parker and Roisin Lyon for their efforts as well.


Jonathan Jhoomun (on behalf of the Year 8 Team)
History Teacher & Medieval Day Co-ordinator