German Folk Music Incursion

On Wednesday 4 December Year 7 German students participated in a German Folk Music Lesson with the best German ‘Oom Pah Pah’ Band in Melbourne. The ‘Schwarzwald’ band play nightly at the Munich Brauhaus and are highly experienced in all aspects of German folk music and dancing, which helps develop language learning through cultural immersion. The piano accordion player ‘Fritz’ has played in German bands for over 50 years!

We were treated to a range of German folk music, including a yodelling competition and cowbell tunes, performed by students. We also learned some `Schuhplattler´ (slap dancing). This originates in the Alpine regions and involves a high energy combination of stomping, clapping and striking the soles of your shoes, thighs and knees with flat hands. Then we finished off with some ‘Schunkelling’ which had everyone joining arms and swaying from side to side while singing in German. The students and teachers really enjoyed the music and dancing and some even earned a ‘Lebkuchen’ gingerbread treat for their enthusiastic participation.

Karin Paal
German Teacher

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