Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday February 19, the weather was not as kind to us as it had been for the last few consecutive years. Despite the heavy downpours, however, the annual McKinnon Swimming Carnival had to go on. McKinnon students and staff were still eager and ready for a jam-packed day of participation, competition, fun and good times.

Despite the freezing wet weather, the water in the pools was warm. We kicked off the day with the swimming races, diving and house relays. Early in the day, all the houses were grinding for top positions, rallying all their members to gain those important house points. Then there were also the elite novelty events, including volleyball [in the wet sand], table tennis and water polo.

A highlight of the cloudy day was MANKINNON, a tribal event in which staff members and the Year 12 cohort dance off against each other. The Year 12s had it tough, pulling out all their moves whilst getting drenched in the pouring rain. However, we made it through and thrived despite the weather. Although we had put in countless hours of rehearsals, the teachers’ refined coordination and moves earned the well-deserved win.

As the day came towards an end, despite Monash, Gilmore and Flynn’s efforts, it just wasn’t enough. Chisholm was too strong and could not be taken down. Special mentions go out to Will Sharp, who broke two school records, Monique Andjelic, who scored the most points for Chisholm and Sophie Roberts, for also smashing a handful of records.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff and students who helped out and participated in this year’s McKinnon Swimming Carnival whilst enduring the bad weather. Kaitlin Foldvari and James Liao, Chisholm House Captains

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