Year 12 Camp

On Monday February 3, the Year 12 cohort headed to Phillip Island for three days filled with adventures, laughter and STUDY! We were divided into cabins alphabetically and although many of us were concerned at first, this was actually a blessing in disguise, as we were handed an opportunity to become closer with other students outside of our close friendship groups. We enjoyed a selection of activities that included walking along the shoreline admiring the beautiful yet windy Smiths Beach. Some students made pancakes and a variety of sports activities were available for the hyperactive ones. The first day’s English lecture gave us some helpful guidelines about storytelling and that night we had two touching motivational speeches from Mr Noble as well as Mr Hudd. 

We woke up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to a beautiful sunrise, got ready, had a filling breakfast and were buzzing with excitement to begin a day filled with activities! Each group was assigned five activities, some of which were the giant swing, raft making, canoeing, high ropes, flying fox, careers, team rescue and archery. We were really able to let go of the stresses and pressures of Year 12 and live in the moment with one another, building our teamwork and communication skills and, for some, conquering their fear of heights. 

After dinner we had the courageous Paralympian Mandy Drennan speak to us about her journey and how she was able to stay resilient through difficult times, teaching us to never give up. It was truly an insightful hour. Following this inspiring presentation, the entire year level participated in a talent show. Every activity group had to present a theme or idea about Year 12, hopefully making it funny and entertaining for the rest of the year level to watch. Some of these topics included time management, party or study and free periods. The night closed off with a cross country run around the campsite, giving us all the opportunity to stay fit during our time away. Wow! What a day! 

Before we knew it, it was Wednesday, which meant it was our final day of Year 12 Camp. After packing our belongings and having breakfast, several students gave their speeches for the Senior School Council leadership positions. Some of the speakers even encouraged others who were hesitant about trying out to have a go which was amazing! We had lunch and spent our final moments on the campsite, taking photos with our matching McKinnon T-shirts, summing up our time at camp.

Year 12 Camp truly exceeded our expectations. Thank you to all of the teachers who helped make this camp what it was. We will always be thankful for the three days that brought us closer than ever. 

Maskit Matityahu

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