Pi Day Challenge

On Friday 13 March, International Pi Day was celebrated with students from all year levels battling it out to see who could recite the most digits of the never-ending number. It was awesome seeing students giving it a red hot crack and trying their best, whether it was for a bit of fun or to challenge themselves. For me, it was both as I not only enjoy these competitions but wanted to give myself the challenge of beating my previous record. And beat it I did, making all the practice at home pay off. On the day it wasn’t easy, with a few trip-ups here and there, but with my peers and teachers watching from the sides, I was able to get through it.

Chris Liolios
Year 10 Student

The following students were awarded as the year level champions:

Year 7: Mahathi Mahesh from Monash recited 132 places.

Year 8: Metteya Gharde from Chisholm broke his own record from last year of 126 places and recited 150 places.

Year 9: Kevin Gu from Flynn rectied 124 places.

Year 10: Chris Liolios from Gilmore smashed the school record again by reciting 856 places which is 136 places more than last year.

Year 11: Grace James from Chisholm recited 11 more places than last year, reciting 46 places.

Year 12: Harry Fletcher recited 171 places making him the year level champion every year of secondary school. Well done Harry and thank you for your commitment and participation in the Pi Day Competition.

Our teacher champion this year was Sokratis Gavrielatos who recited 22 decimal places of Pi.

Congratulations to all participants and thank you to all who made the event a success.

We look forward to Pi Day next year!

Chloe Krommydas and Lauren Mauger
Maths Teachers

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