Year 10 Mock Court Excursion

Throughout March all the Year 10 Commerce classes visited the Old Melbourne Gaol, to participate in a mock trial designed to complement our studies.

We first had to take the train there, which took much longer than anticipated! We then ventured off towards the Gaol, and were greeted by the staff who took us to the mock trial.

Once in the original Magistrates Court we were told we were recreating a culpable driving case. 

That involved acting out various roles, including defending counsel, prosecuting counsel, tipstaff, defendant and countless witnesses. Throughout the mock trial, we were given lines to recite and in doing so, learnt about the two sides of a prosecution and how the court brings that case to justice. In the end, the defendant was given 3 years in prison (2 years in youth detention centre and 1 in an adult prison). 

Overall the excursion was very enjoyable and informative, and definitely one of my highlights in Commerce.  

Archie Redman
Year 10 Student

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