Year 7 Origami and Geometry

For the first three weeks of Term 2 our Year 7 Math classes have been completing a topic on Geometry.

One of the practical activities they completed involved origami.

The task included:
  • finding an origami design of their choice online;
  • following instructions to producing a piece of work;
  • measuring and recording the angles; and
  • sending a photo of it in to their teacher.
Many students really enjoyed completing this task as an alternative to their regular textbook work.

Comments such as:
  • I really enjoyed doing a practical activity and it helped me remember how to use a protractor;
  • It was fun and my favourite part of Geometry;
  • Overall, this task was fun but the angles were hard to measure as the layers in the paper kept on splitting;
  • I found the origami folding challenging but gave it a good go.
Included are some photos of student work as examples of what was produced.

Kerryn Gill
Year 7 Maths

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