House Music Festival Videos

Please enjoy a look back at the last live performance we had in 2020 at the House Music Festival. This fortnight we feature the Monash Choir.

UPDATE: August 7, 2020

Continuing on our celebration of the House Music Festival we have already heard from the opening act Monash. This week, please enjoy Gilmore and Flynn choir performances.

UPDATE: August 21, 2020

Continuing our celebration of the House Music Festival, held at the end of Term 1 just before isolation 1.0 began, I have pleasure in sharing with you the Chisholm Choir, and the Gilmore Instrumental. It is so pleasing to be able to share with you our last live performance and see the amazing work that the music House Captains did to prepare that night.

Thank you to our AV technician Nick Xanthoudakis who has been working on editing these fantastic House Music clips over the last few weeks.

Megan Papworth
Head of Music

Check out Monash Choir, Gilmore Choir, Flynn Choir, Chisholm Choir, and the Gilmore Instrumental performances: