Year 7 Scratch Animation Competition

The Year 7 students have been working with Scratch Coding since the start of this term.

They have been learning a lot of new skills and are now able to write code to create simple games, complex patterns and animations. Their final task is an animation project. The students need to pick a Nursery Rhyme or Fairy Tale and create a complex animation based around their chosen topic. Their animation should include multiple scenes, sounds, dialogue and movement.

The ICT department is giving the students an incentive to produce their best work as prizes are going to be awarded for best entries received.

The closing date for all entries is Monday, 24 August. All entries should be sent to either Mrs Munro or the student’s own ICT teacher. The teachers will then get together remotely and judge the best pieces of work.

Major prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 Scratch projects across the year and minor prizes will be awarded to the best entry from each class.

Shirley Munro
ICT Teacher

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