Online Music Ensembles

Being part of the ensemble program has been a little more challenging this year than in previous years. I thank all the ensemble members and their directors for the amazing work that they have undertaken in lockdown.

Below are the Year 8 Strings - conducted by Mr Kurowski performing Swallow Tail.

Thanks to Mr Kurowski for creating this video.

It is so pleasing to see the amazing work that has been going on amongst our senior music students during our times in lockdown.  Below we have for you Karen Took The Kids performing their cover of Vulpeck's Lonely Town.

This is part of their ongoing work preparing for the end of year performance exam that Jonathan Pardo (bass) is undertaking.  Joining Jonathan is Lucy Robertson-Reid on vocals, Kyla Fanstone on Drum Kit and Clancy Brett on Guitar.  We wish them well in their preparation for the final end of year performance exam.


Be safe over the coming break, and we can’t wait to see you in person soon.

Megan Papworth
Head of Music