Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies Camp

Students from our Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies have just returned from their 2 night  Great Ocean Walk camp from Cape Otway to Aire River. The group hiked for 2 days, and then surfed on the last day. Year 11 student Jack has written a report which is a great insight into the camp!

Article by Jack S, Year 11 Student

24 students, 4 teachers, 3 days. Sounds pretty fun. Well it was. For a group of students who didn’t know each other at the start of the hike became a pretty tight group of people by the end.

It all started on the 24th of February when 24 students got to school at 7:30, extremely ‘eager’ for the upcoming 3 days. But as soon as Miss Weiss put on a playlist with all of our songs we picked to listen to, that feeling went away pretty quickly. Everyone was singing and enjoying themselves to the songs.

A few hours later, we arrived at our starting point. For the next 12km, we would be walking in the scorching heat with a large pack with all of our food, clothes and our tent. Fortunately, we arrived at our campsite fairly quickly with a few pit stops for a cheeky photo. At our first camp site there were so many memories people will never forget; such as playing volleyball with the whole group and a koala running across the campsite to then climb up a tree.

Day 2 was an extremely early wake up as well as needing to pack up everything by 9am. The second day was much easier too. By the time we got to the new campsite, we had just enough time to set up before the rain hit. For the next hour the rain just would not stop.

The last day was an extremely early wakeup because we had to get to Torquay to go surfing. Yet again, everyone singing loudly and all enjoying themselves on the bus on our way to Torquay. Once we got to Torquay, we were all eager to get in the water and catch a wave. On the way home, the students had control over the music, and let me tell you, it was amazing. 

It really was something not many will experience. Overall, the hike was a great experience and the friendship bonds some people had became so much stronger.

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