Jordan Stout (Class of 2010) Runs double marathon to raise over $10,000 for mental health

This is the story of Jordan Stout, from McKinnon’s class of 2010.

Jordan has always loved a challenge, something he can work towards. A few years ago he teamed up with his former McKinnon classmate, Luke Inness-Jory, to run 70km together - raising over $5,000 for cancer through donations from friends and family. A wonderful and proud achievement for both boys by itself.

However in 2020 Jordan felt the need to take the challenge to a new level, running a double marathon (84km), and raising twice as much money (over $10,000).

This time Jordan decided to raise money for a cause closer to his own heart, mental health. It is well documented the rising issue mental health is in society, and Jordan saw an opportunity to raise money and awareness with his new challenge.

Physical activity and exercise are known to improve an individual’s ability to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression, so Jordan saw it quite fitting that his physical challenge and the short-term pain it would bring, could possibly benefit a foundation that supports mental health within society.

2020 kept throwing curveballs at Jordan, like it did for all of us. Countless dates were set for the big run, numerous times he had everything planned, only to have a setback like lockdowns and restrictions come along to ruin his plans. It was affecting his training immensely. A number of times his training was peaking for the event, only to have it postponed and setting him back with the need to rest and not overtrain.

The latest planned date arrived, in late October, and Jordan decided nothing was going to stop him. Not even the forecast 31 degrees for that day.

He set off at 6am from Arthur’s Seat on the Mornington Peninsula, with his finish line of Richmond
84km away. The day started off well. His first Marathon was completed in an impressive 5 hours, but by the time he hit the 50km mark in Mordialloc at around midday, the temperature had soared to 34 degrees. 

The final 34km were an enormous physical and mental challenge. Suffering serious fatigue, dehydration, and stomach pains Jordan battled on ticking off the kilometres as he went.

He was joined in the afternoon by friends, work colleagues and his brother to complete the painful last few kilometres through to the finish line, his workplace in Richmond. He was welcomed here by many friends and colleagues and a much needed rooftop icebath, and intravenous drip from his former schoolmate, now nurse Alana Revell.

In yet another link back to the McKinnon community, it is through former classmate, and later staff member, David Chisholm that Jordan was connected with the Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman foundation. Upon speaking with David, and hearing about his work with these programs, Jordan decided to donate all proceeds of his run to these foundations.

Jordan was very excited about the opportunity to have a say in how his donation would be distributed within society. It was at this point that Jordan thought, “I wish I had something like the Tomorrow Man program back when I was at school.”

So Jordan re-connected with McKinnon 11 years after leaving the gates at the end of Year 12, to enquire about the possibility of running the Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman programs for our senior students.

It is now with enormous pride and admiration that we announce that Jordan’s $10,000 donation is funding participation for all 365 Year 10 students in 2021, to experience the Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman programs here at McKinnon Secondary College.

What a phenomenal legacy for Jordan to leave behind here at McKinnon all these years after leaving, and for this our community will be forever grateful.

Chris Hudd
Year 12 Student Manager

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