Miracle Paws Canine Therapists to join our McKinnon Family

We are excited to announce that we have two new “canine therapists” joining our McKinnon family.

Cheeky Chilly and Cuddly Kai', are experienced "Therapy, Comfort, Companion and Event" Dogs. Chilly and Kai are joining us through an organisation called Miracle Paws, who specialise in canine comfort and companionship for children, adults and seniors. They bring comfort and smiles to over 10,000 faces every year and we look forward to them bringing joy and care to our McKinnon students and staff.

We are grateful for the support of the very experienced Miracle Paws handlers, Luke and Ronnie, who have kindly offered to visit McKinnon once a week. They will also be scheduled for additional visits during times of increased stress or at other times when our students and staff may benefit from some extra care and support.

Staff and students will be invited to openly engage with the therapy dogs. The following measures are in place for the benefit of the dogs, their handlers and the McKinnon community:
  • The dogs will always be accompanied by an experienced handler. 
  • A Leadership or Student Wellbeing Team member will be present for all Miracle Paws visits. 
  • Students and staff will be advised to follow hygiene procedures when engaging with the therapy dogs. 
  • Miracle Paws handlers are experienced in responding to and assessing an individual's level of comfort and confidence in engaging with the therapy dog and will provide guidance during the process. 
  • The therapy dogs will generally be accessible in open spaces to provide individuals with the space and choice to keep their distance if required.

We are wagging our tails with excitement and looking forward to welcoming Chilly, Kai, Ronnie and Luke to our McKinnon community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Patty Etcell, Student Wellbeing Coordinator,

Patty Etcell
Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Check out our pawsome photo gallery: