Senior School Debating

The dream team is back! Alyssa, An (Best Speaker) and Linh have once again shown that they are a force to be reckoned with. Having won every debate this year, their team is top of the ladder at B grade (Year 11) in the competitive Brighton Debating competition. One of the only public schools in a fierce competition taking place at Brighton Grammar each month, the McKinnon banner is flying very high as a result of their exceptional pragmatic thinking and well-practised articulation.

These students are not the only ones, however, honing their skills in quick-thinking, wit and charm; we have over 60 students in the senior school who are challenging themselves and their communication skills through debating. These advanced students are pushed to consider all sides of complex topics, such as whether the economy is an accurate measure of a nation’s success, whether refugees should have full access to the welfare system, or whether public transport should be free. Having to think critically about all aspects of these complex issues, and sometimes having to debate for a side they do not agree with, builds incredibly important skills such as critical thinking and deep analysis. On top of that, these students must present their ideas with passion and flair, having to use their public speaking skills and power with words to convince the audience that theirs is the best argument.

It is wonderful to see these outstanding students push themselves to improve their English skills even further. We look forward to the last two debates of the Senior School season, and encourage bright and eager Year 7 and 8 students to keep their eyes on the newsfeed in Term 3 when the junior competition begins.

Rachel Walker and Fusun Ozcagli
Debating Co-ordinators/English Teachers