Stroke Foundation Award Finalist - Cody & Jordyn Freeman

Congratulations to Cody and Jordyn Freeman who have been nominated as a Finalist for the 2021 Fundraiser of the Year Award. This is due to their efforts fundraising for the Stroke Foundation in 2020 when their grandfather had a stroke during COVID.

Well done to them for their tremendous efforts and we wish them well for the nomination.

 2021 Fundraiser of the Year Award Finalist

Jordyn and Cody's grandfather (Poppy) suffered a stroke in 2020 and was admitted to a rehabilitation centre in Canberra for recovery. Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions the family were unable to get from Melbourne to Canberra to see him. As a result, Jordyn and Cody came up with an idea to show their support to Poppy by committing to covering 666km in 66 days.666km was the distance between them. They covered this distance through running, cycling and walking. 

What prompted you to get involved in fundraising at the Stroke Foundation?

We decided we should do something virtually to honour Poppy because we were unable to see him. . We hoped to raise $6,666 for the Stroke Foundation by covering 666km. We managed to achieve all our goals.

What do you get personally out of fundraising for the Stroke Foundation?

As we were in a strict coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown during the first half of our fundraiser, it helped keep us fit and healthy. We had a goal that we wanted to reach, and we had people donating to our cause, keeping us accountable to make our target. It was definitely hard for us to keep motivated during such a hard time, but we knew that we were doing it for ourselves and our grandfather.  

 Congratulations to you both on this fantastic achievement!