McK Pride Club marches at the Midsumma Pride March 2021!

It is early in the morning on Sunday 23 May, the air is crisp, beams of sun begin to melt away the dew as marchers congregate on Ian Johnson Oval. People scan QR codes and pre-booked tickets to enter the COVIDsafe event. Pride March is where the LGBTQIA+ community comes together to celebrate, and be proud of, who we are ... and to march for those who cannot. The first Pride March was in 1996 with a gathering of 11,000 people. This year the numbers were limited to comply with COVIDsafe requirements. 

McKinnon Secondary College’s Pride Club was so fortunate to be able to attend this event. During a year of lockdowns and uncertainty the march was a welcome celebration where we could come together, support one another and, of course, have fun!

The energy is buzzing. Young people are placed at the front of the march as a positive and strong affirmation for LGBTIQA+ youth. McK Pride Club met, socialised, danced and engaged with marchers from other members of the Pride community. There were flags displaying the full spectrum of the Pride community. 

The McKinnon Pride Club banner (which was designed and created by our talented students during lunchtime - and even after school) was majestic. 

The colours represent the inclusive space students have created to welcome everyone, no matter how they identify. Each flag represents how a student identifies, or one they connect with as an ally. Students held our banner high as we marched along Fitzroy Street to Catani Gardens. 

Year 7s marched alongside Year 12s; all year levels were present, as well as Mr Eglezos, Mr Abela, Ms Pentland and Miss Sip. We proudly marched down the street chanting, enjoying the celebratory atmosphere and having fun! 

Pride March 2021 will remain a special day for all students who came together to celebrate themselves and each other. It was a day to be proud of who they are, to feel supported, to feel loved, to celebrate diversity and all young people from the LGBTIQA+ community. 

It was a day to be confident in ourselves and to support each other no matter our beliefs or differences. It was a day of hope; that together inclusive change will make a brighter future for all of us.

Miss Sip 
McK Pride Club