Pi Day Challenge 2021

Earlier this term we held the annual Pi reciting competition which saw many eager and impressive participants compete and make the day quite a success. 

The following list shows the winners from each level followed by a short piece written by the Year 9 winner, Katy Do. Watch their impressive efforts on video below!

Year 7: Michael Zhang from Flynn recited 179 digits.

Year 8: Leo Goldberg from Flynn recited 99 digits.

Year 9: Katy Do from Chisholm recited 200 digits.

Year 10: Jake Anderson from Flynn recited 103 digits.

Year 11: Chris Liolios from Gilmore recited 1000 digits, breaking his own school record.

Chloe Krommydas
Mathematics Teacher

During this year’s Pi day competition, I have been able to successfully reach my goal of reciting pi to 200 places, which is 61 more places than my record of 139 last year. I was super nervous when I was standing in front of everyone and reciting because I was so scared that I would forget everything because of my nervousness (which is really ironic now that I’m looking back at it).

 I had spent some time preparing for the recital but unfortunately, my brain only retained 30 digits from last year which means that I’ve got to squeeze 170 digits into my mind to be able to reach my goal. It was difficult, I’ve got to admit that. But after six days of hardcore memorising, with the help of my friends for revising, I was able to do it.

Overall, even though I probably will never be able to recite all the way to 1000 places (which is such an impressive amount, good job Chris!), I was really happy that I was able to recite all 200 places and beat my record from last year.

Katy Do
Year 9 Student