Get into the Olympic Spirit of Tokyo 2020!

One of the upcoming events that will proceed on Friday evening is the Olympics and in particular, the opening ceremony. What a magical time that will be! Many of us find the athletic story of endeavour, resilience, perseverance and commitment, quite inspiring. 

The PE team invites you to get into the Olympic Spirit by joining  Olympics unleashed for a special Opening Ceremony Day broadcast from Tokyo. Help celebrate the success of our athletes and get inspired. Olympics Unleashed TV provides students and teachers with a direct connection with Olympians, to get the inside run on what’s happening at the Games.

These Olympic Games will be somewhat different but to have the opportunity to watch the achievements of these wonderful athletes is something to be looking forward to with great anticipation. In fact Ms Pentland‘s niece, Bec Henderson will be participating in the women’s 20 km race walk - the youngest of 60 competitors. This race is scheduled for 6th August at 5:30pm our time.

Bec is a wonderful example. She always struggled in little athletics but despite often coming last in those competitions she endeavoured, persevered and enjoyed the competition. Now she is representing her country in the top position of her sport! We wish her well next week.

Olympics Live TV will broadcast a special Opening Ceremony Day episode at 11:30am (AEST) this Friday 23rd July. Follow this link for more details. 

You can also catch up on the first episode of Olympics Unleashed TV below!