McKinnon Snooker Hall

I am delighted to inform the school that we have recently received a set of five snooker tables complete with all the equipment required to play the game. All of this is due to the efforts of Jemma Wines (mother of Beau Asbreuk in Year 9), who negotiated with the Victorian Billiards and Snooker Association (VBSA) to purchase and deliver this incredible resource at no cost to the school.

Jemma and the VBSA have offered to coach students and staff in snooker and support the school in the introduction of the McK Snooker Club. The long term goal is to compete with other schools and create a vibrant and inclusive snooker culture at our school. It is exciting to note that the tables will be available for lunch time use and for class time use by the PE and Maths faculty. I am extremely grateful to Jemma and all the staff who made this happen.

Pitsa Binnion