VCE Visual Arts Show

I am incredibly proud to share with you the amazing work of our students, who have demonstrated incredible resilience, perseverance, hard work, dedication and creativity. 

Over the course of this extremely difficult year, our students have made do with materials hurriedly distributed during the last days before lockdown. Many hours were spent during lockdown, researching art styles and ideas, experimenting with media, designing sculptures and experimenting with different compositions, so that artworks were ready to be completed with materials at school, upon our return.

Congratulations to all of the students who received Arts Awards. A massive congratulations to Kailah Hollingworth of Year 12 who has received an Arts Award every year since Year 7. I believe she is the only student to have received an Award every year since I have been at the school for the last 18 years. Such an amazing achievement!

Thank you to the parents, guardians, families and school community for supporting our Arts students. A special thank you to Mr Krause, Mr Eglezos and Ms Hurwitz who were instrumental in putting together our Virtual Arts show. Thank you to the incredibly hard working Arts staff, Ms Bertsa, Mr Eglezos, Ms Griffith, Mr Perry, Mr Quinn, Ms Rodin, Ms Rogosic and Ms Sip, for their dedication and for working so well as a team. 

To view our Virtual Arts Show, please click here!

Ms Helen Kuriata
Arts Domain Manager

After Feel, 2021, resin on wood, dimensions
Inspired by the emotions felt during or after one has woken up from a dream, the intense, darker colours that represent depressed, melancholy emotions on the left side contrast with the vivid, light colours which represent happier dreams.