Year 12 Graduation Assembly Class of 2021

Congratulations to our Class of 2021 on their Graduation from the College. A wonderful Valedictory/Graduation Assembly was held to acknowledge and celebrate the milestone achieved by each and every individual.

It was indeed a highlight of the year. A wonderful way to come together at school on the formal stage to acknowledge each student. It really was a wonderful moment.

We have shared truly magical moments over their last few weeks that brought absolute joy back to our school despite the adversity of covid.

I wish them every success for their future pursuits.

I thank the many parents who joined (via livestream) to see these wonderful young adults be presented with their certificates.

I applaud and thank the following students for their assistance to make the events possible: Oscar Lanigan, Stephan Mitzeliotis, Tara Bajan, Chloe Smith, Bridget Chapman, Adam Hatchuel, Manny Hontzogloy, Karleen Han, Brij Shah, Digby Stannus, Manasi Deshpande, Cindy Mao, Kampi Nainhabo, Khushi Negi, Stein Shum, Charlie OBrien, Almog Cohen, Grace James, Arianne Lindsay, Ilya Parakhin, Liam Ayres, May Landau, Dana Boudiab, James Vassiliou, Tobie Webster, Kaarle Tuomi, Michael Yang, Sabri Bayanta, Sam Bajracharya, Allie Basser, Tenzing Bugg, Bridget Soteriou, Jade Olascoaga, Pamela Doulgeris, Anastasia Prystay, Macy Tofler, Markus Duggan, Kelly Marlow andAlisa Sharkova.

I would like to congratulate the 2021 Valedictorian, Fraser Sharman-Smith, who wrote a most impressive response. Fraser is an exceptional ambassador of McKinnon and a most worthy representative of the year level.

Thank you and goodbye to our Class of 2021. 

Pitsa Binnion

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