Opening of Top Arts 2022 at the NGV

Congratulations to Liana Kelemen (Year 12) who has been selected for inclusion in this year’s Top Arts exhibition at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.

Here are some photos from last night's opening of Top Arts 2022 at the NGV. The evening was held for students who were selected to exhibit, to celebrate their achievements and view the winning artworks. 

You can see Liana's film 'Businessman' on display at NGV Australia from 18 March – 24 July 2022.

It is a magnificent achievement! Congratulations Liana!

Miss Katherine Sip
Art Teacher


My Studio Art process involved an exploration of satire and the corporate world. Utilising the creative freedom my SAT folio gave me, I was able to improve my ATAR by doing things I could never do in other subjects. I made videos of me in a suit smashing computers, dancing around the street at night and making animations with my face as the canvas. I decided to have as much fun with these early exploratory trials as possible to make the endless process of printing stills, cutting things up, sticking things down and annotating my folio pages a little bit less arduous.

One photography series of my final film was inspired by was “High Fashion” by Pawel Jaszczuk. The series presents photos of exhausted office workers drunkenly asleep on Tokyo city street floors. The series title came from their sprawling poses, reminiscent of the poses of high fashion models. It was really engaging for me because although it was humorous, I couldn’t get past the fact that these are real photos of a serious overwork epidemic and the accompanying issue of alcoholism. I liked this way of communicating a message: politics through comedy.

My studio process for developing the idea involved me carrying around a suitcase and suit on car trips so that whenever we passed somewhere interesting looking I could tell my dad to get dressed and I’d start filming him on his iPhone as he walked around in costume. 

Because of covid, towards the end of my filming process I wasn’t able to travel outside my 5km radius, which was disappointing because I would have liked to film in the city. This setback forced me to investigate cool places within my neighbourhood, which in the end was far more valuable.

Since getting accepted into TOP ARTS 2022, I’ve been interviewed by Pip Wallis and David Menzies who are the curators of the exhibition. My interview will be playing on their website and screened at the exhibition. I did have to cut out two animation segments I’d made (one was a claymation and one was of my dad), in order to make the film more cyclical for the exhibition. I really can’t complain when anything I’ve made will be in the NGV!! 

I am so proud of my progress this year and I am super excited for any opportunities that may come from this, in my hopes of becoming a film director when I graduate.

I am currently working on another film this year for Year 12 Media, again starring my dad. 

Liana Kelemen Studio Arts Class of 2021

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