Year 12 Theatre Studies

The Year 12 Theatre Studies class recently presented a full-scale production of an Australian play, Spontaneous Human Combustion by Daniel Evans. The students are responsible for all aspects of the production as part of their VCE assessment, including designing the sets, lighting, sound and costumes, and of course, acting and directing. 

The class formed ideas to interpret a complex script and obviously worked collaboratively to achieve their best. In particular I want to acknowledge the direction team Charlotte McLavertyDevon Murova and Ethan Sporton who played Joan of Arc and spoke French throughout the play. The poster for the play art was done by May Ding

It was an impressive and polished performance by all involved, and a wonderful achievement in teamwork and creative problem solving. 

I would like to thank Lucy Angell, Theatre Studies teacher, and the technical team, especially Michael Birkett, for assisting these students in realising their theatrical visions.

Pitsa Binnion

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