Volleyball News - Nationals

The Australian Volleyball Schools Cup was a 6 day tournament held from Monday 5th Dec - Sat 10th December, 2022 on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

With 2000 games, 390 teams competed against the top teams in the country as well as international teams from New Zealand. It was the first time for our top three McKinnon Volley teams (Open Honours Girls, Year 10 Honours Girls and Year 7 Boys Division 1) to participate in a National tournament to compete with the best. The games were tough, but each team fought hard and played some brilliant volleyball. 

The atmosphere of team spirit, camaraderie and enthusiastic competition was evident in the stadium every day. The stadiums were humid and athletes were certainly feeling the heat and pressure and there were many tears of joy and sadness as they experienced the highs and lows that come with playing at a very competitive level. Every athlete improved immensely throughout the tournament, pushing their body to the limits.

Overall, the Open Honours Girls placed 7th place, the Year 10 Honours Girls also placed 7th and the Year 7 Boys placed 8th. Well done on the amazing efforts of all of these wonderful, hard working athletes!

Thanks to all the Staff, Coaches and Support crew: Rhiannon Parker, Liam Adlington, Pip Andrieux, Sarah Ridout, Ellie Adler, John Van Noorden, Zoe Fischer, Arwen Verdnik and all the parents and families that came to cheer and support the athletes. 

We look forward to doing it all again next year!

Sandy Hope
Mckinnon Volley