Pi Day Competition

McKinnon Secondary College celebrated Pi Day by running the annual Pi Reciting Competition at both the East and Main Campus on Wednesday 15 March. The objective was to recite the most decimal places of the irrational number pi to become the Year Level Champion. The turnout was great and there were many participants from each year level, making the competition quite competitive.

The efforts made by the students was quite impressive, and it was clear that there were different techniques being used by many.

Whilst all competing students received a certificate, badge, lollies and house points for their efforts; the following students were the champions of their year level and also received a prize.

Congratulations to:

  • Year 7: Morgan Shin - 180 digits
  • Year 8: Mika Bergman - 133 digits
  • Year 9: Alex Do - 113 digits
  • Year 10: Obert Han - 147 digits
  • Year 11: Divyesh Ojha - 123 digits
  • Year 12: Jake Anderson - 140 digits

Dr Sandy Law competed again this year, smashing his previous record of 150 digits, and recited an incredible 778 places! Well done Sandy!

A big thank you to all staff involved in running the event, students who competed, and friends who came and cheered on their peers. 

We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Chloe Krommydas
Pi Day Co-ordinator
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