Smoking Ceremony

This morning we held a smoking ceremony to officially welcome the year 8s to the East Campus and open the Kummargee - Rise Up program.

Kobi Sainty from the Bunurong Land Council conducted the ceremony, explaining that traditionally this was done to welcome new tribes into another's area as a way of cleansing any bad energy and welcoming them to their country. Nowadays it is to welcome people to Bunurong country and to foster a shared connection and a shared respect for the land.

Today our indigenous students Harper Slattery, Jasmine Duarte and Summer Thompson lead a group of year 8 form captains through the smoke which was created from smoldering eucalyptus leaves. Kobi explained it was unlike bushfire smoke, but smoke with cleansing properties of the eucalyptus.

The smoking ceremony was a powerful and meaningful way to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and to establish a connection with the community and the environment.

Mr Paul King
Year 8 Student Manager

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