Victorian Schools Parliamentary Convention

Six students from Years 9 and 10 represented our school in the Victorian Schools' Parliamentary Program held in the Parliament of Victoria earlier this month. This is a program where representatives from 13 schools or approximately 70 students from all over Victoria came together to discuss and debate a bill. The topic of the day was “Should vaping be regulated in the same way as tobacco and alcohol?”


It is a controversial but extremely relevant issue to us. As vaping continues to grow in popularity, there has been an increasing concern about its potential health risks and the lack of regulation surrounding its use. It was fascinating to hear the different perspectives on this issue. Some argue that vaping should be regulated or even be more tightly regulated than tobacco and alcohol due to its harmful effects, while others believe that vaping should be treated differently as we should give the chance to each individual to make an informed choice.

The parliamentary-style debate provided a unique opportunity for us to represent McKinnon students and to engage in an informed and passionate discussion on the topic, while also gaining valuable insights into the legislative process and the policymaking that shapes society in the process. The lively discussion was a truly enriching experience, and a great example of how us students can engage with important issues in such a meaningful way.


Special thanks to Mrs Masterson for giving us this special opportunity to attend this program!

Olivia Year 10 Student & Mark Year 9 Student

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