Year 10 Portsea Camp

Last week, 250 Year 10 students travelled to Portsea for camp. They completed activities that included the flying fox, giant swing, high ropes, archery, orienteering, bush walking and beach activities. Other highlights included the taco bowl and souvlakis from the kitchen. They were very lucky with the incredible weather, no rain and blue skies every day! Overall, students represented McKinnon with aplomb, displaying exemplary teamwork, resilience and respect for the community.

I'd like to thank all of the staff who attended this event: 

Camp 1 - Kellie Felmingham, Krishna Fleming, David Machin, Myles Keleman, Dafina Spahiu, Hannah Sclarr, Sarah Mullane, Riley Price, Phoebe Ponsford and Molly McFarlane. 

Camp 2 - Lachlan Noble, Natalie Same, Myles Keleman, Rekha Nayyar, James Bridges, Rachel Walker, Nick Gledhill and Eliza Portelli.

Special thanks to Kate Jobson who organised this event and led both camps.

Reflection from Mia Le, Year 10

The year 10’s camp at Mckinnon Secondary College was fantastic this year. They visited Portsea Camp, and they had an amazing time there. The youngsters had a great time participating in every activity. The Portsea camp's educators and staff were friendly and fed Mckinnon students the tastiest meals ever!There were nighttime activities that we really enjoyed. They were a movie night and a trivia night.

The dorms were great to hang out with our friends and the ocean views were lovely. We had the opportunity to visit the beach, have a stroll along the shore, and take in the fresh sea air! There were so many enjoyable things to do there for us to pass the time. I loved the year 10’s camp this year because it left everyone completely stunned. We had the loveliest memories from the Portsea camp, and all of the students are extremely grateful for the chance we were given.

By Mia Le
Year 10

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