McK Chess Championship

After almost seven weeks and more than 150 games of exciting chess, the 2023 McK Chess Championship was concluded on Friday 18 August when Steve from Year 11 (McK rating 1513 and defending champion) took on Timothy from Year 11 (McK rating 1459) in the Gold medal match. 

It was a very evenly matched final with both players winning one game each under the standard time control. With the match tied at 1-1, the contest came down to blitz tiebreaks, and it was more a test of nerves than over-the-board chess skills. In the end, Steve managed to edge out Timothy in one of the most memorable finals at the McKinnon Championship in recent years. 

The supporting Bronze medal match, which was played on the same day as the final, featured 2022 runner-up, Aryan from Year 12, and 2021 runner-up, Gregory from Year 12. This was another exciting and close contest with the match also going all the way to blitz tiebreaks. Eventually, Gregory came out victorious and took the bronze.

The McK Chess Club would like to thank all participants for their effort and commitment in this year’s championship, as well as all the spectators for creating such a wonderful atmosphere.

To see the full results, photos and game analyses, go to the official championship website.

Sandy Law
McK Chess Club