Questions On Year 7 enrolment

Is there a waiting list at McKinnon?
No. Only students currently in grade 6 may apply for entry into year 7.

Will the zone be altered in future years?
The zone is unlikely to change in the next few years, but the State or the school cannot guarantee that the zone will continue in its current form. The state of the current zone is shown here. Only houses on the inside of boundary roads are in-zone.

My partner is an ex-student. Does this guarantee a place at McKinnon?

We have a child in grade 3. How can we find out more about the school?
The website contains considerable information, including the current criteria for selection to Year 7. Future prospective parents are welcome to attend the annual Year 7 Information Evening (held at the end of April, early May each year – phone the school for the exact date). Parents can also obtain an Information Package for Year 7 given to Grade 6 parents/students who attend the Information Evening.

Can prospective parents expect to have an interview with the Head of Junior School?
No. Individual parent interviews are not part of the normal selection process for Year 7.

If we live out-of-zone, but in the “nearest school ” category, will we be likely to gain entry?
IN-ZONE (1st) and SIBLINGS (2nd) take up an increasing number of positions. McKinnon Secondary College is experiencing increased enrolments in recent years and NEAREST (3rd) are unlikely to be successful.

I have a business within the zone. Does that mean I gain entrance to the school?
No. A student must be a resident in zone. Leased or owned property must be zoned residential and contain at least 2 bedrooms.

Is a lease (rental agreement) adequate for an in-zone or nearest applicant?
The lease must be current and for a minimum of 12 months and must extend to at least June 30 of the level 7 year. Documentary proof of residence is required; applicants may be personally visited without warning to verify students' residency.

I live just one street outside the zone. Is that close enough to qualify as “in zone”?
Unfortunately, No.