(Enhanced Learning Program in Mathematics and Science) 

Since 1999 McKinnon Secondary College has run a very successful ELMS program. This program has allowed a group of 25 talented students to accelerate their studies of Mathematics and enhance and broaden their studies of Science. There are now 2 groups of ELMS students commencing at Year 7. This has provided great academic advantages for each student who is selected on the basis of an entry test. Past ELMS students have successfully completed Year 12 and proceeded to university where they have pursued a range of undergraduate courses.

The selection into this program will be different to previous years. All students applying for a place at McKinnon are invited to register an interest to sit for the ELMS entry test. After notification of a place at McKinnon that a student has been selected for enrolment, the test for the ELMS class will be administered. The ELMS test will cost $80.

The ELMS test papers are prepared and marked externally and the results form the basis for selection of the top 50 students to join the ELMS class in Year 7.  The College notifies candidates whether they are successful in gaining an ELMS placement within 4 - 6 weeks of the test date.

If selected into the ELMS class, students are not concentrated in a home/form group.  Blocking Maths and Science classes enables students to come together for Maths and Science but study all other subjects with their form groups.  Students entering the program are monitored and counselled in relation to their progress.  Allocation to form groups takes into account Music instruction and Language and Sport preferences.

By the time ELMS students reach Year 10 they usually undertake VCE Maths (Maths Methods Units 1 and 2) and a General Maths elective.  Year 10 ELMS Science is a specifically designed course that extends and enhances student’s science knowledge and exposes students to the latest scientific advances, theories and laboratory procedures in order to prepare them thoroughly for VCE Sciences such as Physics, Biology and Chemistry.  ELMS students may also qualify to undertake other subjects at VCE level whilst in Year 10. In Year 11 it is expected that ELMS students will study at least one Year 12 (Unit 3 and 4) subject to assist them in achieving the best possible ATAR ranking.

McKinnon is proud of the achievements of all its students and ELMS provides a further  opportunity to develop and achieve excellence.  We offer you a friendly welcome on the morning of the ELMS selection tests, if you choose to participate.