Student Chromebook Program

The McKinnon Chromebook program is an exciting opportunity to improve student engagement and promote even greater academic achievement, providing teachers and students new ways to learn and collaborate.

Students participating in the program will gain 24-7 access to information and communication technology resources, enabling greater opportunities for deep learning, collaboration and critical thinking.

The 21st century requires resilient, independent learners who can think critically. We believe this Program will develop students’ ability to research, synthesise and collaborate, whilst maintaining McKinnon’s commitment to outstanding academic performance.

The students’ Chromebooks can be connected to the internet at school and at home (using your family’s internet connection, where available). Whilst this presents a great learning opportunity, it must be used responsibly. We expect our core values of respect and integrity to be reflected in every aspect of our students’ lives, and this extends to their electronic communication with others. Safe and responsible use of electronic media (including the internet, Chromebook and other devices such as mobile phones) is required of all members of the McKinnon community. Appropriate use of the internet and electronic media is explicitly taught at McKinnon and we ask parents to reinforce this at home.


  • Bring your Chromebook to school every day, with the battery fully charged.
  • Store your Chromebook securely (at home, in your locker, etc).
  • Keep your Chromebook in its protective case.
  • Being given 24-7 access to a Chromebook is a privilege, and you must care for your Chromebook and use it responsibly. We expect all students to abide by the College’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • In class, Chromebooks will be used at the discretion of the classroom teacher – students must take their Chromebook to every class, but the class teacher will determine when and how it is used in class.
  • At school (outside of class – in the library etc) Chromebooks can be used to complete homework, revise, etc.
  • Your Chromebook must be used for educational purposes only.
  • Safe and responsible use of electronic media

    The program is broken into 2 parts:
    Year 7 Program Students will use their Chromebook from years 7 through 9
    Year 10 ProgramStudents will use their Chromebook from year 10 through 12


Students entering at year 7 and 10 will be required to purchase a Chromebook for use over 3 years. These devices run “ChromeOS” which is essentially a web browser on a laptop.  They’re fast, have great battery life and fully integrate with google apps, used widely at the school.