French Exchange Excursion

The 22 French exchange students and their accompanying teacher, Mrs Dorothy Fox, arrived in Sunday the 7th of June and they have begun their McKinnon experience this week. Students spent one day on excursion exploring the Melbourne Museum and admiring the views from the Eureka Skydeck.

Thursday morning was their first day at our school. They wore the McKinnon uniform for the first time with élégance. In France, students don’t wear uniforms at school and they always experience a mix of surprise and excitement the first time they have to wear the uniform.

The day started with a very warm welcome from the principal team. Mrs Binnion greeted the students in French. Students were very touched and immediately felt they are more than just visitors, they are now part of our community. Mrs Fox presented Mrs Binnion with a gift sent by the French principal or proviseur as they are called in France.

After the group photos, students met all the staff involved in the exchange: Frau Fowler, Ms Kellie Dickson and the Year 10 student managers. They received information about the exchange and all the necessary documentation to start classes in period 3. A group of Year 11 and 12 McKinnon students ran the last part of the induction session. Hanna Gutkin, Eren Hagar, Mariel Beiers and Greta Skahill took the French students for a tour of the school.

Overall, it is a fantastic start for the French exchange and we look forward to the many other activities planned.

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