(Enhanced Learning Program in Mathematics) 

In 1999 McKinnon Secondary College introduced a challenging course for Year 7 students who achieved the highest scores in an optional selection test. The focus was accelerated Maths and Science. All other Year 7 subjects were studied at mainstream Year 7 level.  After an extensive review it has been decided that Year 7 ELMs students will be accelerated only in Maths commencing Year 7, 2018.

Students who achieve excellent results during Year 7, 2018 in Science and perform to a high level in all of their subjects may achieve one of the Enhanced Learning places in Science going forward in Year 8 and beyond. In Year 8 students who are passionate about and excel in Science, will be studying accelerated Maths and enhanced Science.

The “Expression of Interest: Year 7 enrolment 2018” provides an option to sit for the selection test on Saturday 9 September 2017.  Parents are asked to circle either YES/NO.  If YES is circled parents/guardians will be contacted regarding the process of registering to sit for the test. The selection test in Maths will be set at a level which assumes students have a thorough understanding of their Grade 6 Maths.

If selected in a Year 7 ELMs class, students will not be concentrated in the one home/form group. Blocking Maths classes enables Maths students to come together for Maths ELMs but study all other subjects with their form groups. Students entering the program are monitored and counselled in relation to their progress. Allocation to form groups takes into account Music instruction, Language study (French or German), Sport preferences and EAL requirements.

McKinnon Secondary College is proud of the achievements of all of its students and enhancement courses provide a further opportunity to achieve excellence.

There are further opportunities for enhancement in middle school leading to students studying Year 11 subjects whilst in Year 10 and in turn studying Year 12 subjects during Year 11.