Year 7 Application

Important Information:

Please contact Mrs Jenny De Kretser -, the transition manager at McKinnon Secondary College prior to purchasing or renting a property within the school zone if you are intending to apply for a Year 7 place in 2020.

A package of information about McKinnon Secondary College including an expression of interest form is distributed at the Open (Information) Night on 22 April 2020 at 7PM in the school Hall for Year 7, 2021 enrolment.

SchooTour dates - Thursday 23 April and Tuesday 28 April from 9:15am-10.15am.

Our College's pink expression of interest form must be completed by ALL students applying to McKinnon Secondary College. All Year 7 applicants to McKinnon SC must submit the pink form with the precise evidence attached, to the McKinnon SC General Office by Friday 22 May.

If you attend a State primary school, you must ALSO complete the white forms issued by them. Return these forms to your primary school. Your State primary school will advise the closing date for both the white and the pink forms.

All applicants must include a COPY of the student’s latest School Report available (eg Grade 5 end of year) regardless of which criteria you choose.

Only copies of documents should be sent. Documents will not be returned to applicants, unless special arrangements are made. Additional invoices to resident address may be submitted but the full electricity bill must be included.

Evidence of Residence

Those claiming “in zone” or “closest school” status also need to provide…
  • Whether you own or lease property MUST have at least 2 bedrooms.
  • copy of a current Rates notice or a current Lease/Rent Agreement from a registered Real Estate Agent in the name of the custodial parent/guardian above (privately negotiated lease/rental arrangements will not be accepted as evidence of residence within the McKinnon SC zone).  A current 12 months lease must extend to at least June 30 of the level 7 year. If your lease expires prior to June 30, 2020 the custodial parent must obtain a letter from the registered Real Estate Agent (on the Agent’s letterhead) stating that the Landlord will be prepared to offer another 12 month lease (extension).  The Landlord will expect that the tenants have complied with the current lease requirements and may wish to retain the right to adjust the monthly rental.  This letter MUST BE an ORIGINAL (not a photocopy),
  • copy of the bond receipt (if renting/leasing from a registered Real Estate Agent),
  • original of a recent Electricity bill with matching parent/guardian name indicated and address as shown above (photocopy is NOT acceptable),
  • a legible photocopy of a current Victorian Driver’s Licence in the name of the custodial parent/guardian providing current address,
  • a copy of the student’s birth certificate, and
  • a legible copy of a visa if the student has been born overseas (not in Australia),
  • a removalist’s records/receipt (for families that have moved in zone in the previous 12 months).

Priority Order of Placement

Due to the exceptional growth of the College’s student population and limited infrastructure, we are often only able to enrol students who reside permanently within the College’s zone. We expect students’ families will remain permanent residents within the zone for the duration of their child’s education at McKinnon Secondary College.

Therefore, as there are often insufficient Year 7 places at McKinnon Secondary College for all students who seek entry, students are enrolled in the following priority order:
  1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school (ie: those residing within the McKinnon Secondary College Zone).
  2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending McKinnon Secondary College at the same time, in McKinnon Secondary College zone. Siblings living out of zone may not be accepted dependant on enrolment numbers.
  3. Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest to the school.
  4. All other students in order of closeness of their home to McKinnon Secondary College.
  5. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
  6. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.


      Unfortunately we cannot accommodate all those who apply - in many cases the College is only able to accommodate students who are in zone or siblings of current students. Every application will be considered and a decision made, on the basis of evidence supplied.

      State primary schools will notify parents of results of placement applications in August, Term 3 2020. This will occur on a date specified by the Department of Education & Training. Private primary school applicants will be notified by McKinnon Secondary College in August, Term 3 2020.